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The ‘Big Snake’ by Phil Price, will be positioned in the plaza next to 220 London Circuit.
New Zealand artist Phil Price has a reputation for the unique and innovative use of contemporary materials and processes. Since 2005, Price has focused on his sculpture practice, working principally on large-scale works for the outdoor environment. Phil Price’s name is synonymous with large-scale, wind-activated kinetic sculptures.

Phil Price also created ‘Journeys’ at Canberra Airport’s entrance, lending the gateway a sci-fi feel. It has 22 moving joints, with each part only having to move a small amount to get the overall sense that it’s flowing.

Words from the artist:

I had started some years ago with the idea of an arm extending out into space and retracting again like a farm gate with the hinge on a slight bias so as it closes by itself, adding another gate or arm to the top of the first and so on. My interest in svelte curvature and the idea to create balance and extraordinary extension using bob weights to assist in a cantilever effect with high performance lightweight fibrous materials has evolved into this BIG SNAKE sculpture. How appropriate for it to be in the capital city of Australia. I also have a childhood memory when learning the book of Genisis and the garden of Eden, picturing in my minds eye a seductive talking and dancing snake in a tree selling Eve the forbidden apple.

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