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Capital Property Group has a deep history dating back to the foundation of Canberra. Executive Chairman of Capital Property Group, Terry Snow’s long family history in the ACT will come full circle with the development of Constitution Place in Civic.

Terry’s grandfather, Eli Robert Snow, opened one of Canberra’s first general stores called ‘Snow’s’ in the Sydney Building in 1927—just a few hundred metres away from where Constitution Place is now under construction. The Sydney Building, located in the historical heart of Canberra’s CBD, was one of the first commercial buildings constructed in Canberra, and ultimately became one of the original properties owned by the Capital Property Trust.

Capital Property Trust was a critical force in laying the foundation for future development in Civic and Barton and eventually would become the Capital Property Group. Ultimately it would build the foundation for the development of the Canberra Airport through the Capital Airport Group.

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